No. 1 Clears

Clear finish on two faces and two edges. Suitable for high quality joinery, furniture and mouldings, used where a long length clear finish is required.

As per New Zealand Standard NZS3631 - 1988

No. 1 Clears




Bandsawn or machined to a profile as per customer requirements

Kiln Drying 10-14% (or as per customer requirements)

Available in Untreated or H3 Treated

H3 Treatment is for exterior use above ground contact. (Pressure Treated CCA)

Both metric sizes for New Zealand and Australia
and Imperial sizes for the American market.
We are able to cut special sizes in many situations by special request.

1.8 metres to 6.0 metres - 6' to 20' long


Click on the grades below to see details:

Appearance grades - board grades

No.1 Clears
No.2 Clears
No.1 and No.2 Cuttings
Dressing Grade

Structural grades - framing grades

Framing SG8

Industrial grades - utility grades





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