New Zealand Radiata Pine is a native of California, USA. The trees have adapted well to the soils and climatic conditions of New Zealand. New Zealand Pine yields a strong, economical and versatile light coloured timber. Tall clear trunks produce timber suited for furniture and all forms of show wood applications.

Radiata logs come in a range of qualities capable of yielding lumber grades to meet almost any requirement.

Click on the grades below to see details:

Appearance grades - board grades

No.1 Clears
No.2 Clears
No.1 and No.2 Cuttings
Dressing Grade

Structural grades - framing grades

Framing SG8

Industrial grades - utility grades


As exporters we are able to grade to most customer requirements. Common export grades include:

  • Australia - Standards Association of Australia F7 structural grades (visual stress graded) and Australian Appaerance Grades

  • United States - Western Wood Products Association random width lumber specifications including moulding and better, shop and factory grades.


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